About King's Touch

The King's Touch Church under the Leadership of Pastor Nsiandumi Ndossi is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, His birth, crucifixion, death, resurrection, Second coming and life eternal through the study and application of God’s Word.

We are dedicated to spreading the Good News through the sharing of the teachings of Jesus Christ in schools, universities and colleges, the expounding of sound biblical doctrine in our Sunday services from children's church to the adults services, trainings and annual conferences, the study and application of God’s Word in everyday lives and mid-week services as well as encouraging a prayerful lifestyle.

King's Touch Church firmly understands that believers are empowered to be boundless by the finished work of the cross, in the Word of God and fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, nothing can limit them from doing the immeasurable exploits God had prepared for them from before the foundations of the earth. All things are possible to them that believe, those that have been touched by the King of kings!


We are an English speaking church walking and working in the glory of God in all aspects of our lives. We carry love and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to our communities largely targeting young people.


To empower people to live an empowered life hence transform families and communities. Bring love and healing to the hurting and equip them for the kingdom.


There are many opportunities at King's Touch Church for members to get involved with a number of ministries.


Also known as Beauty for Ashes, this is where women are encouraged and empowered for their spiritual, financial, social and carrier lives. We meet every second Saturday of the month.


Known as Mashujaa na Mashujaa, men's accountability ministry, our core values are Accountability, Integrity and Maturity (AIM). We meet every second Saturday of the month.


(King’s Kids) We prepare future generation by ensuring the word of God is richly placed in the hearts of kids. We meet every Sunday during church service staring from 10am.


The Worship Ministry’s central role is to bring the congregation in praises and worship through song to God. We hence totally dependent on the Holy Spirit to lead each and every session. Our desire for each session of the ministry is that the congregation would encounter the presence of God and lives would be transformed.


The purpose of the Intercessors ministry is to have continual, effectual, fervent prayer and intercession for our families, church leaders, the body of Christ, local communities and the nations worldwide. We inspire and encourage the members, families and all church ministries to pursue a loving deeper prayer life with God.


Levites are a group of servants, men and women, who preapare the sanctuary for all weekly services and other duties of the church, and they do with a smile. "Their fellow Levites were assigned to all other duties of the tabernacle, the house of God". 1 Chronicles 6:48 NIV.


The purpose of the hospitality ministry is to spread the unconditional love of Christ to our visitors. We know how uncomfortable being in a new place can be for some people. It is our intention to make you feel welcome and part of our congregation. It is a privilege and an honour to have you as our visitor and we do not take that for granted. Our open hands and hearts will compel you to feel welcome and very important in our midst.


The marriage ministry's focus and purpose are designed to enhance the lives of couples who are married. We are devoted to bringing couples into a closer intimate relationship with God and their mates by equipping them with the Word which is God's design for marriages, empowering them with resources and tools encouraging them and enhancing their relationship with activities and events.


Our chief aim is to fulfil the great commission given by Jesus Christ, to proclaim the Gospel to the unsaved and to share His message of hope and love, leading others to a life-changing personal relationship with Him.